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Estrategy is the development partner of choice for disruptive companies. Estrategy relies on superior technical skills and in-depth understanding of business principles to help you realize your ambitions. We begin by helping you define your products business goals. Throughout the development and deployment phases, we ensure your project remains on target to meet those goals. You can focus on your domain of expertise and on your customers needs, safe in the knowledge that the technical aspects of your project are in good hands.

Estrategy's European clients operate in many different verticals in the public and private sectors (healthcare, local government, finance and insurance, waste management, legal, security and surveillance, lease management, food service and education.) They also include horizontal software companies. 

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We can help with

Through the projects we have delivered our teams have been acquainted with business processes across a multitude of industries and verticals, with particular emphasis on
e-commerce and foodindustry.

  • Nearshore software outsourcing
  • Custom software development
  • Custom web development
  • Software QA and Testing
  • Software for food industry
  • Software for e-commerce industry
  • Mobile application development


Nearshore software outsourcing
Nearshore software outsourcing
Custom software development
Custom software development
Custom web development
Web development
Software QA and Testing
Software QA and Testing
Software for food industry
Software for food industry
Software for e-commerce industry
Mobile application development
Mobile application development

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The right foundation

Whether you are building a house or building software, the right foundation is the backbone of the entire project. Imagine building a two-level building, but the foundation doesn’t suit your needs. For example, your foundation will only support a one-level building. As a result, your new foundation will not be strong enough for your two-level building.

The same goes for a foundation that can support a tower. This will most likely cost more time and money to realize but its extra functionality will not be used.

Unlike developing software, building a house is a very visible process. But the choices are very similar. Without the right foundation, a software project can easily get over-engineered or under engineered.

Creating new software requires a good understanding of what the user needs and prioritizing what’s most important. With this in mind we can successfully develop software that people will love working with.

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Take the example of Alina, one of our former interns "During my internship i was able to see what working in IT really is, everything from projects to Scrum meetings, commitments, deadlines and teamwork. These are lessons and experiences that no professor's lecture or textbook could teach you. Join!"

- Alina.


Blockchain technology

Blockchain in its basic form is a data structure for creating a ledger of digital transactions, which is not owned by just one provider, but is shared in a distributed network of computers.

This results in a more open, transparent and fully publicly verifiable system. The number of applications for which blockchains can be used is almost infinite, varying from payments, to supply chain, identity management and verification.

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